The Key Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

It takes a special person to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have certain characteristics and skills that help them to stay motivated and get their ideas noticed. Entrepreneurs are inventors, innovators and creative thinkers who are ready to take on tasks and focus on what truly means the most to them. Here are common characteristics which make entrepreneurs shine.


Hard work and dedication helps an entrepreneur be productive throughout the day. As an entrepreneur, you might be an owner of a business and/or the creator of a new invention, which both require a lot of attention. If you run your business full-time or part-time, it takes great skill to stay motivated to complete tasks. Time management can be a valuable trait to an entrepreneur. If you have others helping or working for you, sometimes you need to prioritize what issues demand your time. Leave decisions to those who are more experienced in certain areas you lack, so you can focus on getting your own work completed.


A leader means a lot of things when operating a business. You need to be honest with your employees, investors, retailers, manufactures and customers when communicating with them. Communication is the key to any form of relationship; personal and professional. Through communication, enthusiasm, and confidence, a leader is able to help inspire others to want to contribute. By leading your organization through forks in the road and trusting your gut, you will be able to solve problems and move forward without difficulty.

Risk Taking

Whether you are taking a risk, going a different route than originally planned or as an entrepreneur stepping out of your comfort zone, continue to think about the best decision for your organization. An entrepreneur who constantly develops new skills and learns how to think quickly will be able to handle risks that come their way. If a new venture comes along, you need to remain calm and confident that you can balance your current situation and resolve problems which could arise. How you handle the ending of each situation is what makes you a great leader and entrepreneur.


Be open with your organization to all of the commitments you have made. If you discourage yourself and don’t believe in your business, then it will be hard to stay positive. Encourage balance and support from your team every step of the way to help your business reflect on your attitude. Be a fair boss and provide the company with what you promised. Whether you are promising yourself to make a deadline or you promised your staff a holiday party, make sure to come through and to keep your word.

On, Tanya Prive says not all human beings are the same. Some people work better under pressure, some can talk to multiple personalities and some can process information differently, but all qualities of a unique person is what can make them a great entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you want others to perform and behave with the motivation to make the business stronger. Lead your invention, team and business with the qualities that make you, you!

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