Here’s to Raja and every boss who took a gamble on me

My first real job was at Palm (makers of the Palm Pilot and Palm Pre). I worked in HR there.

The only one reason I got hired there is because dumb luck, squared. 
Here’s how it happened.

  1. I went to and went through ~300 companies.
  2. I applied for every job I thought I could do, not that I was qualified for at all, but that I knew I could do.
  3. I got an interview because I used the word “keen” in the job application and the recruiter loved Australia and had only heard it used there.
  4. I interviewed and never heard back, so I got another job.
  5. While I was in the room getting trained for my other job, I got a call from Palm… I got it!

Many years later I learned that I was head to head with someone with a masters degree in HR and that instead of hiring an intern who could help with strategy they needed someone who knew the alphabet and could file… and I was the perfect fit with as they knew I had strong grasp of the letters k e and n.

But the absurdity doesn’t stop there…

HR to Product Planning and Research… what?

So, I moved from HR to Product Planning and Research again, on a gamble from one of the kindest and smartest people I’ve ever worked for… Raja.

Here’s how it happened.

Here’s the Nokia 9300.

Thank you Raja for taking a chance on me… I’ll never forget it.

Nokia 9300, now in cake form.