The Four Block Project

There’s so much missed beauty so close to us. We’ve become immune to it. The way trees move. The flowers. How quickly the sky changes. The sound of footsteps. Cement Tony Bennett.

I want to encourage people, wherever they live, to find beauty in all the things kids still see as special. The things we ignore for screens, because of routine, because they aren’t dangerous or new to us. The lack of novelty doesn’t make something banal, though. So, change up your view.

This is my attempt to capture some of the beauty within 4 blocks of my home.

No editing will be done to the pictures here and no fancy equipment is needed from you if you’d like to join.

To participate,

  1. Take a photo within 4 blocks of your home.
  2. Tweet it to me with #fourblocks.
  3. Include the city (optional).

I will add it as a heading here.

Jordan’s SF shots

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