Invento’s project: An autonomous two wheeler.

Today our hacker team [Bharath, Murali, Phanindra] has started with a project to build an autonomous two wheeler. We did the following stages:

  1. Hack an existing vehicle and strip it to bare bones to enable better control.
  2. Control the starter motor with a relay which can in turn be controlled by an Arduino unit. The Arduino unit currently just has an IR receiver that can take inputs from a regular remote. We then wrote a custom code to interpret these signals and power the relay.
  3. Short the braking unit to enable the start without pressing the brake.
  4. Stop the engine through relays.
  5. Adding a servo to replicate the acceleration control done with the right wrist.

All in a day’s work — in about 7 hours.

We will continue to work on this to make it fully autonomous in the next few days. We will use the learning to build our dream project: an autonomous waste collection car that will roam the streets and collect & compact the waste all day. To make a clean India.

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