Mitra — how we are changing the world.

Mitra at Maker Mela 2017

We are now getting invites to show off Mitra at prestigious places. We are showing off the bot to the top execs of Novartis coming from around the world to Hyderabad next week. After that week, we are going to showcase it at the prestigious Nasscom leadership forum involving the CEOs of Reliance, IBM, Ideo etc.

We are also getting covered at interesting places: This friendly neighbourhood (Indian) bot may soon assist you in offices

In the next few months, we plan to take the robots to office lobbies, retail outlets, hospitals, airplanes and hotels. As the humans involved in customer service have become robotic in their actions, we want to bring robots involved in customer service to provide more empathy, context and engagement. It is a whole new world.

Conceived in India. Designed in India. Built in India.