Next step for Invento


Our goal is to build the next generation computing interface that is designed around speech, computer vision and gestures. We have been trying to force AI on existing computing hardware such as phones, PCs and tablets and no wonder it is painful. Only a few use Siri-like services on a regular basis for day to day activities.

Amazon has broken ground with Echo in thinking about dedicated devices that is designed for speech input. And it provides a delightful experience for many home needs far better than Siri or Google Assist.

We want to go further and build humanoids that go beyond just speech. Humans communicate with others through context — by understanding who the other person is and where the interaction happens.

There are 8 parts of this communication:

We are putting these type of computers in banks and offices to start with. Rather than replacing humans, we are working on replacing the existing computing hardware that is not designed for an another generation, but not for modern AI tools.

At a bank, this could replace ATMs to start with. We are working with a major bank on this project. What if the humanoid can provide you a range of banking services at a kiosk with much simpler interaction than the clunky touchscreens of the present?

This is just a starting point. Tying up with a couple of global players we are looking at changing how sectors like retail and healthcare works. I cannot reveal too much details on this now, but fill in as time comes.

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