About The Concept Of Hex Plugs And its Applications

“The Hex Head Plug” also called as ‘Hex Bolts’ are a part of plumbing system which is fitted to the pipe end, acts as a cap bolt for permanently leak-free connection in process control and common plumbing uses. Hex head plug bolts come in different sizes and diameters.

The Hexagon screw head bolts are made from a variety of materials to accommodate the wide range of applications they are, Stainless Steel Hex Head plug, Carbon steel hex head, Nickel Alloy Hex head plug, Alloy Steel Hex head plug, Mild steel Hex head plug.

The Applications of the Hex Plugs:
1. It is Used to check leakage of water.
2. It is Used in piping systems to stop flow of liquid.
3. It is Used in petroleum refinery plants.
4. It is Used In general Plumbing.