Its etymology, its risks, and its impact

You have cancer.

Although this is hopefully not a true statement for the majority of us, perhaps all of us can feel the weight of those words. Cancer is a global disease with a long history. Often times, our life decisions can increase our risk of developing this disease, but many times we simply don’t know why. So hearing these words is a life-changing experience for the person being diagnosed and for their loved ones.

That is why it’s vital to learn more about this deadly disease.

In this article, let’s begin with some of the basic questions: why exactly do we call it ‘cancer’? What are the risk factors for its development? …

In light of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, an annual worldwide celebration in March, we spoke to a gastroenterologist to find out more about the disease.

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A cancerous tumor.

Colorectal cancer refers to colon cancer, rectum cancer or both. One of the biggest misconceptions about the disease is that only affects older people. The truth is that it’s on the rise in people under the age of 50.

A person’s family history and ethnicity moreover put them at a higher risk. …

Why we were founded and the purpose behind our mission

Every company has a story. And every story has at least one protagonist.
The story of inveox is a story with two protagonists: a young man and a young woman who took two different paths that arrived at the same point.

That point, was the founding of inveox, and these are their stories.

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Dominik and Maria outside our headquarters in Garching (Munich, Germany)

Maria’s Story

“How do I combine and apply all of this knowledge to make an impact?”

You could say that this was one of the driving forces behind Maria’s story. Ever since she was young, she looked up to her father who had started his own business. She helped him ever since she was 7 years old, and this instilled in her the spirit to create and innovate, which is why she was not entirely sure what to focus on studying after high school. …

Cancer, diagnoses, and our quest to improve patient safety

A few weeks ago we made the announcement about our most recent investment. It was picked up by various major outlets such as Gründerszene, EIT Health, Bits and Pretzels, and even made it as far as Houston, Texas.

Now we want to seize this opportunity to continue an important conversation:

Diagnostic errors are difficult to deal with, and perhaps even more difficult to discuss” — The Pathologist Magazine

Think about the last time you made a mistake. Was it easy to admit that it was an actual mistake? Or did you instinctively look for alternative explanations? We are all human, so let’s face it: we all make mistakes, and often times it’s hard to tell the world (or our boss/client/friend/etc) that we are the one responsible for the consequences of a mistake. …



Rethinking pathology, fighting cancer and sharing stories

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