Bug Fixes and Improvements:

New Implementations and Upgrades

Desktop Specific updates

Changes for Coin List Page and Market Data:

Changes were made to the coin list, watchlist, and coin profile pages to provide more accurate real time OHLCV data. In addition, real-time data via websockets has been implemented for streaming value changes post page load. The last price…

investFeed, the leading social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with dock.io.

The partnership, which is in line with investFeed’s goals to provide the crypto community an unparalleled social networking experience, will focus on integrating dock.io’s services…

Leading cryptocurrency and blockchain social network investFeed is pleased to welcome top tech and crypto news source SludgeFeed to its platform.

The partnership will see SludgeFeed joining a rapidly growing community of more than 50,000+ active users, connected by a network built to serve as the next-generation hub for crypto…

investFeed, a leading cryptocurrency social network powered by crypto specific contributors, ICO contributors, and enthusiasts alike, is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership by listing investFeed (IFT) with a top tier cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC.

InvestFeed’s community will be able to start trading IFT on HitBTC…

investFeed Developer Diary #13

New Implementations and Upgrades

Home Page feature changes

The Old Ticker Header has been replaced with New Header Design to provide Integrated New Data in the runtime where user can see

· Total market cap

· 24 hour buy/sell volume

· Market dominance of BTC in terms of total market…

investFeed Developer Diary #12

Welcome Back!

Keeping in line with the Spirit of constantly improving the user experiences the team at investFeed aims to deliver an evolving product that bridges the gap between a web application and intuitive behavior of the end user in general. …

Implementations, Upgrades, and More Tipping

First Charting Upgrade Now Implemented

We’re pleased to announce that the first stages of the charting upgrade that we featured in previous updates have been implemented directly on the investFeed platform. …

The first week of 2018 — bringing bug fixes, platform updates, and more.

Gas Up Once — Approved Amounts on investFeed Through Smart Contracts

We’re pleased to announce that the backbone of our token architecture has been completed, and we’re ready to keep moving forward with more token utility right on the investFeed platform.

With our smart contracts implemented on the platform, using your FEED tokens has never been easier. Before this latest deployment…

Back in July, we established ourselves as “antifragile,” or a business with a sound foundation, solid leadership, and a vision including the adoption of emerging technologies in order to grow with the industry. We’ve proven ourselves countless times in the past, whether it be our award in 2015 or even…


investFeed is the first incentivized next-generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies.

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