FEED Forward — Our Roadmap and Development Schedule

On July 23rd, 2017 at 9AM UTC, our token sale begins and allows users to purchase our FEED token. We want to make sure we are as transparent as possible in regards to the development of the platform moving forward. Please see the following list to view upcoming features currently in development this year — and planned for next year:

Q3 — Q4 2017 Improvements: Currently Underway

Improved Social Network Capabilities

We want to make sure that you’re receiving a seamless and intuitive social experience with our UI. Throughout the rest of the year we will be making progressive enhancements to our social network capabilities.

Cross Platform Live-streaming Feeds and Channels for All Current and Upcoming Cryptocurrencies and related fundamental market data

This is where our main transition from US equities to blockchain cryptocurrencies is taking place. We wish to give you the most up-to-date information and a social hub for each cryptocurrency on the exchanges. Members will be able to interact with feeds by sharing content, articles, multimedia, and portfolio and trading activity.

Q1 — Q2 2018 — Beta Product Launch — Planned

Note — The following features will begin rolling out post beta-launch:

Trending Assets and Watchlist Signals

This feature will enable users to see what’s trending in the cryptocurrency world with sentiment indicators and alerts based on crowd sentiment and order activity. Users will be able to import their portfolio and create watchlists to keep an eye on their interests. This development update will also feature analysis updates from the investFeed internal team.

Wallet and Exchange Integration

This will feature the integration of a multi-currency and digital asset wallet, as well as connectivity with existing exchange accounts. This will support order execution, order management, and portfolio sharing capabilities. We are looking to not only utilize existing APIs, but also build partnerships and provide connectivity with a growing list of exchange APIs and other blockchain technologies.

FEED Token Marketplace Rollout

Support for our FEED token capabilities will be released. These features include — but aren’t limited to accessing premium content, promoting content for network exposure, accessing our advanced trader tools after their launch, and purchasing an ad-free experience.

Multi-Language Support

In our goal to increase the accessibility of the platform, we plan on supporting not just English, but Chinese, Russian, and many additional languages. We want to make sure there is support for our international base that can equally build our network.

Q3 — Q4 2018 Improvements: Planned

Advanced Trader Tools

Our advanced trader tools will feature a technical analysis cryptocurrency screener tool, advanced portfolio analysis, robo-advisor algorithms, and back-testing tools for data analysis and quantitative trading strategies. All will be available via our FEED token for users to utilize in order to have an edge in the market.

Make sure to check out our social channels to communicate with not just the team, but the investFeed community as well. We are excited to have you onboard!

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