FEEDcosystem: The Circulation of FEED from User to Reserve to Reward

Ecosystems are cyclical in nature and are maintained by delicate balances that sustain a thriving community. Every element of an ecosystem has a role to fulfill in order for it to successfully flourish. One of the problems facing the cryptocommunity is lack of a delicately balanced ecosystem in which users from all backgrounds can provide insights and be fairly rewarded for their work.

Through the investFeed platform, we’re building an ecosystem for the cryptocommunity that will not only facilitate the exchanging of ideas and information, but the rewarding of users who help to grow the platform.

investFeed is a self-contained digital ecosystem. The project provides a platform in which users can interact and share knowledge in regard to cryptocurrencies. These contributions then generate FEED, which can be utilized to access other tools that further the expansion of user knowledge. The FEED token then enters either a positive feedback loop between users, or a positive feedback loop towards the reserve which then feeds (pun intended) a new user base to continue the cycle.

It is self-sustaining insofar as the most important piece remains constant: our community.

Solar Energy: User Power

“The sun is new each day” ~Heraclitus

At the center of this ecosystem — as with any ecosystem — exists our solar energy. This is the driving force that powers and moves the entire process from start to finish. This solar energy comes from our user base powering and empowering our community with smart contributions, deep and rich insights, and extraordinary analysis. The user is where FEED starts, and where FEED is spent.

It isn’t just the professional or the organization that might provide the greatest insights on our platform — it could easily be the everyday user. Each day, a different individual has an equal opportunity to shine on investFeed and provide something that the experts might’ve missed. We believe in a democratic platform for each of our users because we know that it’s the greatest way for our community to thrive.

The investFeed Ecosystem

The investFeed Reserve

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

~Francis of Assisi

After our token sale ends, investFeed will never be able to sell the token reserve it generates from users contributing to the systems that are directly linked to the platform. Even as the reserve grows, the tokens will be recirculated into the ecosystem. In this case, the token reserve is generated from users purchasing an ad-free experience, using our advanced trader tools, or promoting their content for network exposure. We are aware that the reserve might grow rapidly, but the tokens are recirculated back to users, continuing the cycle by which the FEED token is bound to on the investFeed platform.

Two cases in which the tokens would cycle back into the ecosystem are through signup bonus incentives and content being rewarded directly by investFeed. The signup bonus system is straightforward: as users enter the platform, they are granted a small amount of FEED as a bonus. This bonus is then to be used either in the pursuit of knowledge from other investFeed members in the form of purchasing premium content, or to use towards investFeed’s native FEED offerings, inclusive again to network promotions, ad removal, and our advanced trader tools. The other case would involve investFeed rewarding meaningful content on the platform that is truly insightful, and proves to be useful for the entire community.

FEEDcosystem Evolution

As time progresses and investFeed grows, we hope to offer even more options in which our users can utilize their FEED tokens. This is only the beginning of our brand new ecosystem and we hope that you’re here to continue to drive investFeed forward as the most important force in the cycle. We want you to help us build this ecosystem, and have you be rewarded for doing so.

Make sure to check out our social channels to communicate with not just the team, but the investFeed community as well. We are excited to have you onboard!

Our general token sale is finished and ended on August 7th at 9AM UTC.