investFeed Developer Diary #14 Part 1

Apr 24, 2018 · 9 min read

New Implementations and Upgrades

Desktop Specific updates

Changes for Coin List Page and Market Data:

Changes were made to the coin list, watchlist, and coin profile pages to provide more accurate real time OHLCV data. In addition, real-time data via websockets has been implemented for streaming value changes post page load. The last price displayed across the platform is a volume weighted average composite derived from data we aggregate from multiple supported exchange api’s. This methodology is also used to create a single set of historical values for our charting. More exchanges will be added on a continuous basis, which will expand our support for additional tickers.

When new price values are compiled on-the-fly, they are streamed in the currency list page, coin profile page, and your watchlist automatically. The new methodology calculates a weighted average of the OHLC across all exchanges using a 24-hour rolling window. Open, High, Low, and Close will be a volume-weighted average composite of the Open, High, Low, Close from each exchange. The volume will be a summation from all of the supported exchanges.

Currency Conversion:

Now users can select a conversion currency to set values sitewide to their preferred currency by choosing BTC, ETH, or USD from the dropdown menu on the coin page (more currencies to be added). When the preferred currency output is selected an fx conversion will be applied and new columns will be displayed. This fxRate is determined by creating a volume-weighted average composite OHLC.

All values are displayed in USD — $ in below screen as the user has selected USD from the drop down

Price by BTC

Price by ETH

The coins list can be sorted by clicking on the title of the columns. As an example a user can choose to sort the coins list page by volume, or supply in either ascending or descending order.

A new feature share coin has been added in our latest update. This feature enables a user to share their post on the timeline in relation to the chosen coin. Clicking share coin will automatically focus the post field and auto populate the cashtag symbol for that coin.

After clicking on ‘Share coin’ , will be prompted with a highlighted pop up where the user can share any comment on their timeline in relation to the selected coin.

New Search Features

To enrich the user experience, our search feature has been enhanced to provide users an option to search based on the following categories:

  1. Search by People
  2. Search by Companies
  3. Search by Coins
  4. Search by Articles

Search by People : If the user selects People search criteria, he will go to a page where he will see the listed users for his profile. On the next (people) page, the logged in user will be able to click on ‘Follow’ button to select a list of users he wants to follow.

Search by Companies: If the user selects Companies search criteria, the will be lead to a page where he will see the listed companies for his profile. On the next(companies) page, the logged in user will be able to click on Follow button to select a list of companies he wants to follow.

Search by Coins : If the user selects Currencies search criteria, the user will land to a page where he will see the listed currencies for his profile. On the next (Currencies) page, the logged in user will be able to click on Watchlist button to select a list of currency for which he wants to keep track of.

Search by Articles: If the user selects Articles search criteria, he will land to a page where he will see the list of articles available in investFeed. On the next(articles) page, the list of articles are displayed as hyperlinks. The user will be able to click on any listed article and read the detailed article.

Inbox and Chat widget

A chat widget for enhanced chatting experience has been added to our messaging system. Users will now see a messaging widget in the bottom right of their screen. Clicking this chat widget will allow a user to quickly open a conversation and chat with other users of investFeed from any page on the site, similar to Facebook.

Users have the option to search chat history based on username or full names. All previous conversations with the searched username will show.

From the chat widget, a user can also start an entirely new chat by clicking the compose message button in the top right of the widget.

The investFeed messaging system now supports image and file sharing for quickly sharing documents and photos with other users. This is a very interactive real time experience for the users.

Desktop Banner Advertisement

In today’s digital era, sponsors need space to promote their products with more efficiency and less manual intervention from the platform. For the ease of sponsors, desktop banner advertisement has been implemented with ability for sponsors to self-checkout when purchasing advertisements. This is a win-win feature for both the sponsor and investFeed team.

Sponsors can go to the advertisement page by clicking the ‘advertising’ button on the home page (before logging in).

Below link takes the user directly to the advertisement screen


Blockchain and crypto related companies can now post jobs on the investFeed page jobs list. Users will be able to search jobs based on position, company name and distance from their current location.

Platform updates

Desktop app and mobile performance and stability is continuously being improved. The entire application has been fine tuned to make pages more responsive by reducing the load time and page stutter. We have addressed multiple bugs in this release and greatly improved performance sitewide. Load speed has increased drastically with more robust caching strategies now in place. The investFeed team is continuing to work on further enhancements in page speed and overall user experience to deliver content faster and more reliably in each release.

Mobile app updates

Mobile users now have the ability to edit and delete comments and replies.

Users can comment with images to provide a visual representation of their thoughts.

For mobile based application we added image support for comments and replies.

User are now able to reply with images to provide a visual representation of their thoughts. Clicking the camera icon will open an upload menu where a user can upload and share their image

Users may now like both comments and replies to show their interest in a conversation and engage other users.

Now for mobile based application we rolled out Article support. The user can sort articles by different categories like most tipped, most liked, most recent, etc.

Civic verified badges are now visible across both mobile and desktop platforms.



Nightmode, a highly demanded feature for investFeed, has been implemented across both the mobile and desktop platforms. Users can toggle this option under their profile dropdown on desktop or in their settings via the mobile app.



User can choose to keep the night mode in on, off or auto from within the mobile app settings.

Company pages have now been added to the mobile platform. Users can view and comment on new projects from both mobile and desktop applications.

User will go to company page after clicking on the particular company

Mobile app:

After logging in to investFeed on the mobile app, the user clicks on the ‘Explore’ option to see the companies. List of companies will be visible to him in the next page.

Once a user clicks the company icon, he/she can see the details of the company.

In the mobile app, Site load speed issues has been addressed. Lag/stuttering in feed reduced hence there is all round faster request response for the app. We have fixed the bug related to notification

Ongoing development to be discussed in Dev update 14 Part 2

  • First full featured brokerage integration will be Bittrex, with others to follow
  • Company pages and it’s features, to cater to projects as well as group incorporating the IFT utility token
  • User performance metrics displayed optionally as well as aggregated group metrics, leading into additional IFT use cases for accessing premium user/group content
  • Top-of-Book pricing data to be rolled out with each exchange integration added, specific to that exchange
  • And yes we did not forget about adding support for animated gifs! A status will be provided in the upcoming update.


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