investFeed Developer Diary #14 Part 2

May 15, 2018 · 4 min read

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Multi-device notification support added including additional notifications to make mobile experience more consistent with desktop.
  • Animated GIF support added.
  • Implemented new design enhancements across desktop and mobile in order to optimize user experience.
  • All confirmed bugs within the desktop article system have been fixed. New features have been added to make general administration and curation of content by investFeed more efficient.
  • Users can now add a coin directly from their watchlist widget, as previously this could only be done from the coin list or coin stream page.
  • Added @ tagging to post box. Users are now assisted with username search when tagging a user in a post.
  • With the start of exchange integration rollout pending, security has been made a top priority and a security bug bounty program has been implemented to ensure the most stable and secure environment for our user base. This includes greater enforcement of 2FA and enhanced CSRF token enforcement in addition to enhanced sanitization of input & output vars and better centralized XSS handling practices.

Exchange Integration

investFeed has developed a proprietary framework to normalize exchange API data, creating a uniform structure to build upon. We plan to integrate support for dozens of compatible exchanges and wallets, and are currently prioritizing exchanges that provide liquidity for our native utility token for the initial release. Additional exchanges will be determined by multiple factors including user request!

Exchange settings will be the starting point for the new social crypto trading experience. InvestFeeders will select which exchange they would like to add from a dropdown menu, followed by adding the their provisioned api keys. The user will have the flexibility to control which account they would like to share activity from and which accounts to include data from into the aggregation privately.

Order execution UI components will soon be added across desktop and mobile, displaying a buy/sell option, giving the the user the ability to place an order using any of their connected exchange accounts.

One of the most significant benefits to exchange account integration is the ability to view and manage trading activity across multiple accounts from a single unified interface. Additional market data components, such as streaming real-time market prices and top-of-book data will be available for each exchange the user has an active connected account with. Basic features will be free to use, with a pro level available requiring the IFT utility token and using a tiered pricing model to be determined by feature suite. This upgrade will allow users to add unlimited exchange accounts and provide more granular analysis of their performance.

When viewing your own account, all orders placed through the investFeed middle layer will be tracked, consolidating the typical workflow and eliminating the need for common applications used for tracking trading activities. We like to call this the “One-tab” solution for the Crypto community,

The first iteration of the order execution capability and crypto asset management will include: current holdings information, order status, and asset allocation metrics. Users will have the ability to monitor their portfolio’s performance metrics, P/L and the option to share their performance metrics with the community in percentages. These developments seamlessly record and track real time portfolio P/L data eliminating the need for additional off platform tools, applications, or accounting.

Company and Group pages

investFeed users will have the ability to create a group page for like minded users utilizing all of the existing powerful tools currently available for company profile pages.

We anticipate the genesis of several new groups including professional trading groups, diligent ICO contributors, and specific crypto related enthusiasts.

Group admins will have the ability to publish their group publically, or make a niche private group with premium content, trade alerts, and historic group performance unlocked through a subscription fee paid in $IFT. Private groups will be able to advertise their aggregated stats to the entire platform to entice new subscribers. These groups will include real-time chat streams and real time trading activity alerts (E-Mail, SMS, PUSH) to keep the community connected and informed.

investFeed’s search functionality will be improved with a new advanced search feature that will be rolled out shortly allowing the user to find more precise individual, group, token, and company results.

Features will be rolled out in stages beginning in a few days with integration support for Bittrex, Binance, and HitBTC.

Along with these development we are happy to announce that we are on track with our Technical Roadmap and may even deliver said roadmap ahead of schedule. All outstanding items currently not in production are either currently in the pre-rollout testing phase, or being worked on now in this current development sprint rounding out the end of Q2.


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