investFeed Is Reinventing The Way The World Invests In The Stock Market

investFeed’s first open social network platform to democratize the financial markets has gone viral with over 140,000 Twitter followers. investFeed has officially launched across desktop and mobile and is just getting started. With investFeed, savvy stock investors everywhere finally have the opportunity to share their real-time stock trades, portfolios, and strategies with other investors. That means the platform enables users to view, share and even duplicate a chosen investor’s moves in real-time.

Imagine if the performance of every stock idea on Twitter was tracked in real-time and the user’s historical track record was made public? investFeed does just that. People want the truth and investFeed helps remove the noise. This changes the game as people no longer need to pay for brokers, advisors or article subscriptions and don’t need to rely on forums, message boards, TV networks, or social media platforms for investment ideas where investors’ motives may not necessarily be genuine. What investFeed users will get is the ability to see the performance record of every investor they follow.

Wall Street has already taken notice! investFeed is receiving critical acclaim and has recently been featured on numerous media segments and is building a following quick. In addition, many public companies, organizations, brands, and to fintech influencers have started to shift their communication utilizing investFeed.

Financial tech serial entrepreneurs Ronald Chernesky and Andrew Freedman felt the demand for this concept was strong enough when their investFeed “How It Works” video drove in thousands of signups. The two met where they worked at a brokerage firm together — Drew was head of web engineering and Ronald was head market trader covering NYSE securities. The two developed investFeed after noticing the lack of transparency coming from active investors on social media.

They were concerned that people were relying too heavily on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for investment research. The lack of transparency surrounding users and commentators motivated the founders to develop a system where all those making endorsements for a particular investing strategy would be held accountable for their ideas.

investFeed gives the casual investor the opportunity to make wiser investment decisions by taking advantage of the stock ideas and research of highly ranked investors and funds. Real-time notifications are available whenever an investor makes a trade. Think of it like having a Watson computer in your pocket watching the markets for you 24/7 alerting you when to take action.

Chernesky and Freedman have also built investFeed the right way by taking the time to focus on data security and reliability in order to provide users with a high quality investing experience. With the increasing global attention being given to cybersecurity and data safety, the investFeed founders have put critical compliance checks in place to verify every member’s identity.

While investFeed will be in stealth mode for the next few months, look for the social network to expand to the broader public and begin changing everything the you know about investing this summer! So join the movement and reserve your favorite username on