El ecosistema emprendedor en el campo tecnológico en Latinoamérica continúa en aumento. Los fondos destinados al desarrollo de soluciones para suplir la necesidades de la sociedad latinoamericana alcanzaron los 500 millones de dólares invertidos en 2016, llegando hasta los 1.100 millones de dólares destinados a startups tecnológicas en 2017, de acuerdo a cifras de la Asociación de Capital Privado y Fondos de Inversión de Latinoamérica (LAVCA).

Izquierda. Máxima F. Gonzalez (Comptroller Ibitt LATAM); Ricardo Silva Santa Maria (Chapter Director- Startup Grind); Chris V. Schwarzenbach (COO — Ibitt Worldwide)

Asimismo, las estadísticas en cantidad de startups creadas en la rama tecnológica también favorecen a los emprendedores latinoamericanos. …

Intrinsic Value Defined:

Most such theories look to the process of producing an item, and the costs involved in that process, as a measure of the item’s intrinsic value.

What are some properties contained in the bitcoin itself? What are the properties that make it valuable? Some pundits like Warren Buffett seem to remain stuck in the belief that only things you can touch, feel, and see can be intrinsically valuable. One might wonder how these pundits would explain unseen forces of DNA, radio spectrum, viruses, bacteria, or even recent technological advances such as software or internet bandwidth.

Some say that gold and…

Investa — ATMs and Exchange — nearly ready to launch…

We are making good progress and pushing ahead with our product launches as fast as possible.

You may have read our last monthly update — https://medium.com/@investauk/investa-update-july-2018-d03788299e69

Since then, our exchange www.ibtt.co is live for testing & demo trading now. You can register and login to a trading account, check out the features and options. We have limited the trading pairs to CLP/BTC & CLP/ETH at the moment, but have many more pairs and altcoins lined up to be added soon after launch.

Our philosophy is to offer multiple FIAT banking…

iBitt.co is undergoing hackproofing and security auditing prior to full launch.

We are implementing various security protocols and procedures to strengthen our defences to the ever present threat of DDOS, hacking, trojans, backdoors, vuln exploits and other dark web tools to try to gain illicit access to our wallets.

We hold minimal coins in our hot wallets and operate a time delay on withdrawals with manual review process, so the ability to hack accounts and amount of coins held on exchange is low.

The risk of loss is further minimized through the manual procedures of moving coins to cold storage…

Dear Investa community

We are pleased to report that Investa is making good progress with development of our products.

  1. Investa iBitt exchange — we have entered beta testing phase with the exchange and are undergoing security and load testing on the platform. Beta test users can register, access the trading room, view transaction history and wallet balances.
Ibitt Dashboard

Investa have reduced our product set and removed the less popular products from our launch plans. We did this as part of a revised whitepaper and website which was updated approx 3 weeks ago.
The products that were removed were too labour and capital intensive to setup with the ICO funds we have raised so far, so we took the decision to streamline our offering.
1. Peer to peer lending platforms have struggled to capitalise in the crypto market with enough FIAT liquidity to satisfy the demand from borrowers. We looked at projects such as SALT which are seeing a hugely one…

On May 1, 2018 Investa launched its pre-ICO, with the community excited by the plans to launch a convenient debit card & ATM network for crypto holders.

The counterdown has started & the pre-sale round of Investa’s ICO is underway, until June 30, prior to the public sale. Investa plans to raise a hard cap of $30 million through its ICO and the team is currently working to deliver a successful project.

Already, Investa has entered Due Diligence with several crypto syndicates, pools, whales and crypto VC funds. The team is confident in its capacity to close these commitments in…

  1. Go to Investaco.in home page and click “LOGIN”
  2. Login to your account (or register)
  3. Access your Investa Dashboard
  4. Click “Purchase more INV”

5. Choose Your payment currency (ETH, BTC, LTC)

Investa is preparing to make multiple blockchains more useful in the real world, by securely integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday consumer spending habits. Investa’s main ambition is to seamlessly connect the brave new world of blockchain with the existing financial payment systems. With this purpose, Investa created an efficient debit card & ATM network for crypto owners to effectively spend their blockchain assets in real-world, making their wallet accepted by the banking industry currently in place.

Investa debit card will be KYC verified and operated in a licensed environment in order to provide a bridge between crypto and traditional banking networks…

Investa & Digibyte are pleased to announce that we are exploring a potential partnership to leverage the services and platform of Investaco.in, by offering a DGB-backed Debit card and global network of ATMs.

We look forward to DGB potentially being the first cryptocurrency to be integrated in this way, allowing for easy use of DGB in the real world.

Please explore our site to view the videos of the ATM and Debit card platforms and let us know what you think..

Investa UK

Next Gen Crypto Banking Platform.

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