Investa — August 2018 update

Investa UK
Aug 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Investa — ATMs and Exchange — nearly ready to launch…

We are making good progress and pushing ahead with our product launches as fast as possible.

You may have read our last monthly update —

Since then, our exchange is live for testing & demo trading now. You can register and login to a trading account, check out the features and options. We have limited the trading pairs to CLP/BTC & CLP/ETH at the moment, but have many more pairs and altcoins lined up to be added soon after launch.

Our philosophy is to offer multiple FIAT banking options, so that your ability to seamlessly exchange crypto to FIAT is fast and convenient. In many crypto exchanges, FIAT options are very limited and often slow to arrive to your bank account. This is driven by the fact that many exchanges struggle to open & maintain strong banking relationships. There is a general fear of crypto in the banking world and they require intensive compliance oversight of anything they deem ‘higher risk’ - such as transferring funds to/from crypto.

Investa is aware of these banking limitations and that is why we have carefully built our platform to have multiple levels of redundancy from all our service providers. This means the risk of having services withdrawn is greatly reduced, as we are not reliant on a single point of potential failure. The ability to quickly and seamlessly switch to backup providers, as and when required gives us a huge advantage in ensuring the maximum uptime and flexibility for our users.

In order to benefit from as much goodwill as possible from our banking partners and other service providers its important that we operate a compliant and KYC driven onboarding process. This means that all our users are identified and we confirm not only their ID, but also the source of all funds transferred into our accounts. We ask that our users understand the reasons behind these extra checks, which not only safeguard everyone from unauthorised account access, but also adds legitimacy to our business as a reputable operator which adopts best practices wherever possible.

Turning to our ICO, we have announced an extension to the crowdsale which is now scheduled to end on 31st August. The reasons for this are:

  • We have not reached our hard cap, or raised enough funds to fully develop our services in the best possible way.
  • We are still developing our platform and have ambitions to make it much more advanced and feature rich than the MVP we are launching with
  • We have received strong indication of customer demand and several market opportunities that we want to target ASAP. It seems our offering is attractive and is drawing people to contact us with partnership proposals, or other ideas.
  • Our team is in training mode, preparing for launch of our platform and it helps to have a little more time to fully bed in the processes we will use to service our customers.
  • A number of larger strategic investors are currently in due diligence phase and rather than shut them out with a time bar, we have extended the sale to accommodate them.

The result of all our activity and token sales will benefit the price of INV tokens. As we can launch and scale more quickly, the need for INV to be deployed across our services grows. Our users can benefit from using INV to receive discounted trading fees along with other exciting rewards such as access to our exclusive members events, or VIP trading tutorial groups.

Investa has significant plans for the future and are excited about where the industry is taking us. It appears that there is an untapped need for our services, which we fully intend to capitalise on and provide exactly what our customers have demanded from us. The time is right for a company to come out and meet these needs, with a customer-centric, flexible, convenient and fully packaged FIAT > Crypto exchange platform. We are more than just bitcoin trading, or ATMs or crypto pairs. We offer a selection of the most useful services in one easy to use integrated package.

Our fees will always be competitive and we will offer the best customer service we can, driven by a passion for what we do and a belief that we are leading the way in delivering the financial services of the new millenium. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, as they have stood the test of time over the last 8 years since the inception of Bitcoin. Now the mainstream banking communities and institutions are dawning on the realisation that blockchain is a pervasive force, that they cannot overcome through simply blocking us out. So a new approach of inclusion, adoption and integration is leading to some exciting new possibilities for all of us. INV 2018

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