What’s New about Investa?

Investa is the new ICO from an international team of fintech and crypto experts, that is picking up speed as we approach the ICO presale opening on 1st May.

Now several months since Investa announced the ICO sale and released details of the forthcoming product suite, we have had time to respond to questions from our community.

How can this help you?

Well it sometimes helps to be guided thru the ‘skinny’ of a project where all the relevant details are compiled into a short form, so that those who have limited time available can take a quick look, before deciding to get invovled further.

Whats happened so far?

Investa has been developed over the last 2 years by the founders, Nick Moore, Petr L Huszar and Chris Schwarz. The team have always had a keen eye on the crypto market and all have experience in Fintech, so it was natural that when the market demand and customer feedback pointed to an opportunity to serve the crypto community with an integrated suite of investment and payment products.

Where is the product?

So far a working prototype has been developed in house, which is being tested and updated with more features. Not all parts of the product suite are yet built and the purpose of the ICO is to provide signficant funding to advance the development and product launch. Videos of the prototype have been produced and are available on the Investa website. In due course we will be releasing further beta releases to our test groups in preparation for full roll out of a consumer mobile web application.

What does INV do thats different to others?

Investa’s power is in the sum of its parts. Each service is not completely new, but the developers have taken the very best and most popular features from other fintech apps, but combined them together in a powerful and symbiotic ecosystem. This means that you can walk around with a multi toolkit of financial services in the palm of your hand. This has never before been done and the technical evolution is similar in terms of user enablement, to the birth of internet banking 20 years ago…

Why ICO?

An ICO is a very effective way for new projects to both raise funds and at the same time to build a community of committed followers who will be the earliest adopters of the technology we are building. This is a perfect relationship in which both parties get huge benefits. For example the project can raise funds in just a few days, instead of months of individual investor meetings and endless ‘pitches’ — which waste huge amounts of time in the early days of a startup’s life. The ICO contributors also get huge benefits by backing the project early and buying the tokens at a discount, they can often realise significant increases in the value of their tokens. This is especially true in the case of popular projects, which have a strong product, team and community to support its token sale

What happens after ICO?

Well we issue the INV to our contributors. If the sale is sold out and closes early we can also issue the tokens ahead of time, so that exchange listing can happen sooner.

We list INV on one or more exchanges, so that everyone can then buy and sell their tokens on a 24/7 basis, as with any other crypto. This is when things get exciting and coin prices can show high volatility, especially if there is a lot of demand for sold out ICOs then the listing price can be much higher than the ICO sale price. It all depends on supply and demand, which is stimulated by the size of the community following the project and by any news updates and general market trends (often linked to bitcoin price)

How do you make money?

INV is used for all the products and services in the INV platform. So loading up the INV gold card, or investing in the crypto ETF funds will require INV. Also INV is used for remitting funds to our crypto ATM network and our peer to peer lending programs. This means there are multiple revenue streams which will all drive INV value. Increasing INV value is in everyones interest, so you can relax knowing that your INV coins are working for you while you sleep!

Sounds good, how do I get involved?

Join the whitelist — www.investaco.in/register and you will be kept informed of sale instructions and timelines. Have your ETH in your wallet ready to send and remember to login 12pm GMT on 1st May to get your INV before they sell out… Good luck and lets look forward to building the future!