InvestaX announces the successful closing of a strategic investment from Japanese listed group LIFULL Co., Ltd. (JP: 2120)


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Singapore, July 2020: InvestaX is a leading Singapore licensed digital securities issuance, investment and trading* platform for alternative investments focused on real estate & private equity, and is excited to announce its latest strategic partnership with LIFULL Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 1997, LIFULL has a long history in real estate and proptech in Japan and Asia Pacific. …

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 so far has been an exceptionally interesting and productive year for the digital securities industry. As blockchain technology and the talent powering it continues to exhibit exceptional growth, more players such as banks and major financial institutions are entering the market, providing necessary infrastructure services and more institutional-quality securities offerings for investors. It is important for our investor community to be ahead of the curve, so we have compiled the latest developments and news for the digital securities industry in Q2–2020.

For digital securities offerings (DSO) and the industry, it is important to remember that the entire space is only three years old, but let us start this update with an image that paints the right picture for our community. In this short period of time, most of the world’s leading institutions have already implemented their first products, services or offerings using blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Smart governments (such as Singapore) have been testing this new technology since as far back as 2016.

In fact, in Q2 2020, the Singapore government’s project UBIN phase 5 completed the “Central Bank…

InvestaX is the leading licensed digital securities issuance, investment, and divestment platform for real estate and private equity.

New technology continues to transform capital markets and typically leads to an explosion of growth as evidenced by the history of traded securities below. Every significant expansion of the capital markets can be attributed to the development of new technology. Read more about the ETF success story here from $11M to $5,000,000,000,000 USD.

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Since 2018, InvestaX and partners, have been investing heavily into the latest technology that we see as the next evolution for private markets which is blockchain, distributed ledger technologies

InvestaX & partners have been working hard to understand the challenges and opportunities at hand from COVID-19. InvestaX has been speaking with our partners on the ground in Australia to understand the macro/micro environments and has already began assessing distressed opportunities across the capital stack, and across asset classes in the Australian market. …

InvestaX is a leading licensed digital securities issuance, investment and divestment platform for real estate and private equity.

“The USA real estate market is on the verge of collapsing in April”, says billionaire real estate investor Tom Barrack of Colony Capital. This is one of the world’s most important asset classes, so this is a HUGE statement. Watch this 7 min Bloomberg video.

USA real estate has been on a strong bull run for almost 10 years in most asset classes. Leading real estate investors are preparing for what many believe is a once in a generation opportunity to buy distressed USA assets at bargain prices.

The I.M.F. predicts the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.


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Employee Share Option Plans (“ESOP”) are one of the most widely used forms of compensation in the world, however, traditional ESOPs are complex and difficult to manage, employees don’t understand what they are getting or how they are rewarded in recognition of their efforts, and therefore, doesn’t result in the intended effect of retaining or motivating employees.

InvestaX and our partners are developing new technology-driven ESOPs which we have coined Digital ESOP (“DESOP”), using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to better provide the value proposition of ESOPs for both companies and employees.

The problem with traditional ESOP

Many of the problems exist because traditionally…

We believe that the transformative forces of digitalization and the indispensable need for efficient issuance and investment processes will ultimately turn the tide for digital securities. If you look back at the development of the capital markets, technological developments were always the key driver of massive transformation and growth and lead to all the investment vehicles running the financial system today. We dive into how this is also true for ETFs and why we believe this will be true for digital securities explosion for the alternatives including real estate and private equity.

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Besides smartphones, social media, U.S. e-commerce retail sales…

A recent report from PE-Insights shows that leading global private equity groups are pushing for distribution of private market offerings to a broader investor base that currently does not have access to these investments.

At an event of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), representatives of major investment groups indicated in the names of Blackstone and Apollo Global Management that they are willing to go after the trillion dollar retail market that is currently sidelined and not able to access this asset class due to opaque and outdated rules.

A positive sign for digital securities

Regulations aside, one of the main reasons distribution of private equity…

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InvestaX is a leading licensed digital securities issuance, investment and divestment platform for real estate and private equity

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The private equity industry is being digitized and we want to put you, our members, in the driver’s seat 1st

TLDR = If you only have 30 seconds all you need to know is that “InvestaCrowd is rebranding to InvestaX”, we now offer you end to end digital solutions for the issuance, investment and divestment (this is the killer app) of private equity and real estate investments. This system is simply better for investors and sponsors.


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