#1 Swiss Exits Infographic

We’re happy to present the first ever detailed breakdown of startup exits in Switzerland.

Check out the Swiss Exits infographic here

Startup exits are the key to understanding the growth and ultimate success of an ecosystem. More importantly, exits provide angel investors with insight into some of the best performing and high impact industries or sectors. At a time when Switzerland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is booming, the need for an overview of Swiss exits is growing.

Investiere is excited to announce our comprehensive in-depth study that maps 134 Swiss startup exits that occurred from 1999 to April 2017. Based on data collected and vetted from our community of industry professionals and our own team of experts, we produced this detailed infographic to provide a clear overview of key developments. Existing data and information on Swiss exits is limited in scope, opaque and scattered, which is why there was an urgent need for such an overview.

Our primary goal was to provide strategic insight for the benefit of the entire Swiss ecosystem. We believe that this study will serve as a strong point of reference and add value to much-needed monitoring of Swiss exits.

Check out our community-generated list of Swiss exits, which forms the basis of this study. Know about an exit that we missed? Add it to our list and contribute to enriching the community’s knowledge of the Swiss startup landscape.

If you’d like to read all the blog posts providing detailed breakdowns of the different sections covered in the infographic, have a look here:

#2 Top locations of exited startups

* Past performance of Swiss exits does not guarantee future performance due to the irregular distribution of startup returns. Historic data is therefore not a clear indicator of future results.

Published on 12 May 2017, by David Sidler

Originally published at www.investiere.ch on May 12, 2017.