A job ad is as important as an investor pitch

Startups compete with established and reputable companies like Google, SBB or Credit Suisse when recruiting top talent. As a young company, you can’t really rely on name recognition to catch the attention of high caliber candidates. So how are you going to stand out?

Think of writing a job ad like delivering a good elevator pitch. You have 20 to 30 seconds to capture why your startup is a unique and rewarding place to work. Readers should clearly understand what you do and what you stand for, so make it concise as well as memorable.

Get these five things right, and you’re on your way to recruiting great potential employees.

Keep it short, snappy and focused

There is a huge chance that candidates will read your job ad on their smartphone. The smaller screen means that every word has to count. Make sure to write as precisely as possible. Generally, your job ad should focus on two stages: “get the candidate interested” by writing a snappy job description, and “convince them to apply” by selling your company well.

Avoid a long, detailed list of requirements

Focus on listing the key ‘must have’ job requirements. There might be 10 things that you would love to find, but only 3 skills that are essential. Candidates might feel discouraged from applying if it is not clear what the ‘must have’ requirements are. Generally, a good job ad should make a clear distinction between “what does a candidate need to deliver” vs “what does a candidate need to be able to learn fast”.

Focus on the core values you’re looking for

One of the most neglected yet crucial components of any job ad is specifying the company’s work culture and core values in order to attract compatible candidates. Avoid being vague by saying “complements our culture” or “has values that are consistent with our company”. Yawn. Actually mention what these values are.

People care about other people

Being part of a team is one of the most motivating factors and creates a strong sense of desire to contribute towards a common goal. Explaining who the candidate will be working with and providing details of the team (size, age or culture) is therefore crucial. You can do just that on the investiere platform. By linking your employees and other stakeholders on your company’s profile, jobseekers can quickly get a clear picture of who their colleagues will be.

Wide distribution

You’ve written a killer job ad and are waiting to meet your next hire. But where will you find him or her? If you want to reach a broad range of candidates, you need to distribute your job ad far and wide. However, this can be costly and it’s no secret that most startups operate on a tight budget already. Investiere offers startups the chance to post their open positions absolutely free of charge. In addition, we’ve established partnerships with different job portals such as jobs.ch and automatically distribute your job ads across these platforms. Through our extensive network, you can expect over 400 views on one job ad.

Without convincingly capturing your company’s values and what you can uniquely offer, you will miss out on attracting top-quality talent. Remember, a job ad is the first contact you will have with a potential hire — so make it count.

Published on 13 April 2017, by David Sidler

Originally published at www.investiere.ch on April 13, 2017.