Some of the products we will offer.

  • Multi-Tier Vip Ticket level NFTs.
  • Annual students event.
  • Lottery
  • Yield farming
  • Airdrops

Multi-Tier Tickets.

Our team is built on industry driven individuals who are looking for new ways to host, promote, perform, and ticket distribution. Right now it’s almost impossible to buy tickets direct from Ticketmaster/live nation. With third party sites like stub hub and vividseats the mark up on tickets to certain events is just unreal. We believe we have the answer to this.

Annual students event.

Every year we’re going to set up an event where all students will have a chance to win an ILO initial Lottery Offering. We will be going more into details on how this will work but the point being. At Investix we want to stay relevant, Fresh, and always be innovating in ways that will not only bring value to our token holders but also creating value within the NFTs that we create. This is one of the most important parts of the project because we believe investing in the future is how we will continue to build value. We have some big surprises and we also have multiple partnerships ready to go. We just need to wait for the announcements and this is out of our hands. We’re also always looking for more partnerships so please reach out and let’s collaborate!


We figured since were gonna be an NFT platform and product. One of the cool things about our lottery platform is that we will have a regular lottery with our utility tokens. But we will also host a series of “ILO’s” (Initial Lottery Offering) we are going to dedicate a whole article to this portion of the project so just be looking out for our next update!!

Yield Farming

Above we mentioned our partnership with Holder and we hit home big with this one. Holder.Finance has two tokens HFS (utility) and HFI (store of value) by providing liquidity you’ll be able to not only get rewarded with NVTX but you’ll get rewarded with HFS. More on this to come.


Our main focus at Investix will always be bringing value to our investors. We plan on hitting the ground hard. Some of our partnerships have airdrops planned for members of Investix. Again we will have more information to come. But to give you an example, we will be launching NFTs of our own and also for other events not operating under Investix. Without giving away all of the good information, all I can say is just wait until we launch our governance!!



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Investix Vip

Investix Vip

INVESTIX is going to be a NFT project that brings NFTs into the main stream. We’re still in development but will have a product to launch this summer.