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Mar 18 · 3 min read

Life Happens. And when it does, it hardly sends a signal, it just happens.

Hundred of people lose their jobs everyday in almost all sectors of the economy. Have you ever thought you could be part of tomorrow’s batch of hundred? And even if you won’t, do you think your current earning is more than enough, so creating avenue for passive income does not matter…really?

What happens when life happens? Companies fold up? Need to change job arises? The need to relocate arises? Medical needs pops-up? And above all these, people (including you) grow older with more responsibilities — what do you intend to fall back to when you are at that stage?

Whatever and wherever you are in life, the need for investment should never take a second place in your plans. With uncertainties frolicking around, creating a passive income for oneself is ‘BAE’.

With the realization of the need for investment, clarity is next.

Investment must be chosen with a goal in mind and this must address ‘why’ you are doing it as this would serve as a propeller even when you can hardly discipline yourself. This should not be something as vague as ‘creating wealth’ but more specific as ‘investing to be able to make payment for a building after 10 months’.

Mind you, your need for investment might range from safety to passive income or even growth. You need to be able to decide which of the three important. This would determine the time frame of the investment and the kind of investment you’d go after.

Next is determining how much you can afford to put aside for investment. Investment opportunities come with minimum requirement that can be invested, so before you can proceed you need to know how much you have and can invest.

For millennial who are just starting out career sorting, life and balancing money issues, starting with monthly savings till the lump of money is available for investment is the way out.

After gotten this sorted out, the next thing to decide on is when you need the money and how much risk you’re willing to shoulder. This is where your purpose for investment comes to play… is it to serve a passive income (you’d need to look out for investment opportunities that provides platform for rollover at short and reasonable intervals), growth and safety (you need to preserve it as a retirement plan). All this would determine the duration of investment you can switch for.

Never get swayed and not put in due consideration. Remember, the more the ROI (return on investment), the more the risk that is faced. So, diversify or go for investment that comes with moderate and reasonable interest.

Lastly, investigate and do your research. Invest where your passion lies and where your goals can be met never be afraid to ask questions until you are convinced otherwise.

Once you have decided on a plan that fits your need. Work with this and gradually, you’d see how you’d be able to progress with that.

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