Greater Noida One Destination Where Homes Are Not Ordinary!

Which is the most precious thing, peace, money or reputation? If I am not wrong, one needs peace first, because if you have money and no peace, life will become hell. If one observe ones surroundings it is peace which is priceless. And perhaps that’s why one is always searching tranquility in life. In big cities people enjoy the best of amenities & facilities but they lack serenity. Giant Industries, cacophonic sound of vehicles disrupt localities lives. And this is also one of the reasons they shift their residence to some picturesque location. Presently many developers are coming with suave dream projects.

There is no doubt these dream homes are away from the clamour of the city. But are they conglomeration of peace facilities and luxuries? One cannot say this thing about Arihant Builders.

Arihant Builders have earned enviable reputation in real estate sector. They have not only constructed awe shopping centres but also fantabulous homes. Though they have launched many housing projects but Arihant Abode in Noida Extension is talk of the town.

Mesmerizing surroundings, majestic environment and broader roads have enhanced the value of this Property In Noida Extension.

Locational Advantage:

Greater Noida Industrial Area is located at the intersection of the Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors and is also the gateway to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

Greater Noida not only offers fully developed ultra-modern civic infrastructure, it also offers a scintillating spectrum of vibrant social avenues where life is nurtured, cared, pampered and allowed a distinctive celebration environment. Be it reputed education institution like Gautam Budh University or tourist destination Night Safari or Sports complex or recreational centers.

Delight of Living:

The approach to each apartment is absolutely hassle free and sufficient provision has been made for parking. Dedicated parking facilities have also been facilitated for the dwellers and visitors. The walkways and activity area does not confront with the individual privacy of the units. The complex is fully secured with manned entry gates and provision for visitor screening.

This place also offers a complete shopping convenience by way of grocery shops, retail outlets, branded product showrooms and food parlors.

Be ready to be pampered:

Just get greeted with lavish drawing rooms; walk across spacious bedrooms, which have been designed to optimize space in keeping with needs of a modern family.

Or Just stand in balcony enjoy setting sun with crimson hue around. Or put a chair plug ear phones and listen melodious songs. It is definite when you do so, you will go in bygone era. And listening music will not only un clutter your mind but also replenish your soul.

Relish sweet moments together:

Family is not all about the people who live in four walls, it also means extended family. People dwelling in these homes, will share their happy moments with extended families keeping this thought in mind developer has constructed community centers and meditation arena.

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