Use Credit Cards Effectively: 4 tips for festivals

4 tips to effectively use your credit card in festivals
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Festivals mean celebration, happiness, delicious foods, new dresses, and that lovely family meeting, wow! Am I missing something? Of course the expenses. However, some brands give attractive discounts on the festival, but you know that how do they plan their discount offer. Even the credit card companies give a lot of offers to make their card your clear purchase mode.

At festivals time we should think about our finances instead of landing in debt. How? If you are shopping with your credit card then you can use it effectively so that you can save your hard-earned money. And now how can I use my credit card effectively at festivals? Alright, let’s discuss

4 tips to effectively use your credit card in festivals

Don’t overuse your credit card

Overusing for purchase just because this is good, this is awesome, is not right. I suggest, do not exceed 30% — 40% of your credit limit, otherwise, this impacts your credit score.

To split the cost burden, use low-interest EMI options

If your mind is on a big-ticket item, then I suggest that you should properly evaluate the EMI to find the actual cost, and then if the deal is within the limit, you can indulge in it. Otherwise, you can destroy your money, this is your choice.

Compare offer, then use

In the festival seasons, Credit cards come up with a lot of offers, keep your eye on them and compare them before shopping.

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Clear your card dues before shopping

This is the last tip but not the least. I suggest you clear your credit card dues before shopping.

You must be sure that you are able to pay all your credit dues in time and will not go overboard in the “sale”, as the saving will be lost in the fees and the interest of credit card, if not paid.

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Share Market/ Mutual Funds/ Bonds/ Investments/ Savings/ Accounting

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