The Purpose of Tokenization Investy

Tokens provide access to certain services of Investy Platform.

The usage of IVC tokens inside the Investy ecosystem, allows the platform to develop seamlessly, and participants of Token Sale can clearly understand the goals for which they are purchasing IVC tokens.

Participants can rely on the fact that tokens are traded in the markets and therefore maintain liquidity.

During the Token Sale a limited number of Investy Coins will be issued. The Investment platform will also be developed during Token sale. The Platform will receive net profit in the basic cryptoassets (BTC, ETH, LTC and other liquid cryptocurrencies).

IVC will be distributed among participants and will be available on the cryptoexchange markets at market prices of an asset.

Tokens allocation

Functions and benefits of IVC token

ACCESS. Any trader or fund using the platform for trusted management is required to maintain 5% of all managed investments in IVC on the wallet. For example, a trader or a fund is planning to take into trust $1 million of assets via the Investy platform. In this case, the trader must deposit at least $50,000 in the IVC wallet, which represents 5% of the entire trusted management value;

The value of assets in the traders’s portfolio fluctuates over time as the value of market assets also fluctuates, according to the transaction volume of incoming and outgoing funds from other investors. At the same time, IVC tokens shall be constantly present at all times on the wallet of any trader of the platform, representing at least 5% of the traders’s managed investments valuation. This principle ensures that all operational assets of the platform can be used. In case that IVC share on a wallet drops below 5%, the trader will reject investments until the IVC share again is equal to its 5% threshold or exceeds it.

DISCOUNT. The token holders will receive reduced commissions, the more IVC tokens are on the wallet, the lower the commission is. Imagine that you are investing $ 10,000 in management, and you double that amount for a month. At the base platform commission of 5%, an investor shall pay $ 500 of commission. But if you have our tokens on your wallet, for example, for $ 5000, the commission will be $ 250–300. If you no longer want to use the platform, you can simply sell the tokens.

SUBSCRIPTION. Tokens will be used as subscriptions to platform services, so, if you want to use functionality of a demo account or trading robot testing, just keep a certain number of tokens on your wallet. After you no longer need any platform services, you can just sell IVC on the exchange.

Thus, the IVC token combines two functions: first, it is a product token, because it will be used as an advance payment for subscribing to the platform services after its release. Second, IVC is a discount token, because the IVC holders will receive discounts and reduced commissions depending on the number of IVC on their digital wallets.

The model advantages

The economic model of the token used by Investy allows ensuring a stable growth of the token value on the whole life cycle of IVC. From the end of Token Sale and listing on stock exchanges to next stage’s of platform evolution. After Token Sale, a beta version of the Investy platform will be available, which includes a wide range of services. Since at this stage the platform will not be profitable, the growth of the token price will be provided by demand for it among those wishing to use the services of the platform. IVC token demand reflects the level of platform development, as well as the dynamics of the number actual ecosystem token users. IVC token manipulations are complex. On the one hand, managers and traders are interested in lower IVC price, which allows them to take advantage of the platform’s functionality at a lower price. One the other hand, undervaluation is counterproductive, because a lower valuation limits the amount of assets available for management.

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