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How To Purchase The Right Amount Of Wine For Your Wedding Reception

Introducing the Wedding Wine Calculator by invino & The Knot

Planning for for a kickass wedding reception can be a lot of fun. Deciding the music, food and what drinks will be served enhances the excitement and anticipation for the big day. Budgeting for it on the other hand, can be stress as costs begin to add up.

It’s hard to know how much booze to plan to purchase but the team at invino and The Knot have got your covered with a special system for determining the optimal amount as well as an algorithm that considers multiple factors in your food and beverage plans.

Planning a wedding and reception? Take our quiz HERE

If you have any questions, please contact one of our member service representatives for a free consultation. We’ll help plan the wine service for your wedding. Services include special sourcing requests, personalized label creation and best of all, we’ll take back and refund for any wine that is not opened!

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