Roomscale Virtual Reality is extremely powerful for educational use, but most of the teachers and other stakeholders are still far from making use of it’s actual potential.

Invisible Room
Aug 7, 2018 · 5 min read
Experience Room at Wilmersdorfer Arcaden
In particual minors, who all had parental permisson to participate, have been treated with special care
Students solving exercises in partnerwork
Invisible Room at the teachers lounge at YOU — Europes biggest Youth Convention

We find the following summarized results from our survey and discussions with stakeholders the most interesting:

Nevertheless, we also learned about a lot of obstacles for VR to be fully integrated into daily school life:

Our thesis is that dedicated Edu-Rooms — like VR Arcades for education — in malls, libraries or other public spaces can be a good starting point for all and not just for schools:


Invisible Room

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Experience Design Studio based in Berlin

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