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Invisible Room

Making of the International Justice Mission Virtual Reality Experience ‘Shadow Side’ in THE HAUS 2017

THE HAUS was Berlin’s first Urban Art Gallery comprised of hundreds of rooms filled with excellent street art and welcomed about 70.000 visitors from April to May 2017.

There we created a multisensory VR-experience in cooperation with Die Dixons, the International Justice Mission (IJM), Sound Designer Jascha Dormann, Scenic Designer Winnie Christiansen (trix),VR Producer Carl White (VRBLN) and with the kind support of VR Business Club Berlin and INVR.

The IJM is a human rights organisation, rescuing slaves all over the world. Among others in India, where girls are forced to work as child prostitutes in run down brothels.

The challenge was obvious: How do we raise awareness for this heavy and sensitive issue in an Urban Art Gallery where thousands of people want to enjoy street art?

By combining the strengths of analog and digital media and multisensory Virtual Reality design, coming up with with an experience that lets visitors truly dive into another world and forget where they actually are.

For that purpose we completely transformed a room in THE HAUS into a brothel-bedroom, refurnishing the walls, putting up Indian posters, a fan, incense and even placing Indian money on the table right next to a worn-down mattress.

When visitors put on the VR-goggles, what they saw would be the exact same room — except that all of a sudden a child prostitute, portrayed by the amazing actress India Antony, would be sitting on the mattress, telling her story of abuse and violence.

The visitors were truly moved.

With The Dark Side of the Room we created a location-based, multi-sensory and truly immersive Virtual Reality Experience with a big emotional range, not only raising awareness to the sensitive issue of child prostitution — but convincing THE HAUS - visitors to actually support the International Justice Mission.

Thanks for all involved!

Invisible Room

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Experience Design Studio based in Berlin

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