The Key is Diversity

We have a lot to learn from nature. Daily she says to us that there’s a purpose in life, an objective and an efficient way to achieve it. Maintain balance.

It raises the odds of generating outliers. These outliers bring new perspectives, they bring innovation that is presented to diverse audiences that in the end game will easily distinguish disposable data from undeniable improvements.

Compare the Amazon forest with the Sahara Desert. Sure, they both represent stable and reliable ecosystems, but if you had to choose the one…would there be any doubt?

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The Sahara Desert

In any case one should not mix the concepts of balance, with having optimal decisions always positioned in the middle of two opposites. Given just the fact that besides pure mathematical concepts (black vs white), we don’t have the ability the clearly state that those two poles have the same weigh. If you could do that, the theory of everything would be closer, if discoverable at all.
Doing business is a very organic thing. The math involved may give the perception that everything is more or less deterministic and there’s an optimal behavior, but there’s always something that can make things go your way. When starting something, always have a clear notion of what you are trying to achieve. Victory in the end game might mean that at the present moment you might have to play good enough to let the audience perceive you have quality but not as good that you will actually win it…because you might not be ready, or there’s another train you know it’s coming.

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The Amazon Forest

It really depends on the chain of knows. The 4 variables: what you know, what your counterpart knows and what you think each part knows about each-other. Information is the key. The faster you play the less concrete information will be, so maybe the key is to “know” the level of fuzziness that bests suits your interests.

That’s your optimal point.

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