Snowden Was Right, Block Your Mics & Cameras
Sean Everett

Taping your webcam is useless

The Internet went slightly crazy looking at that 👆 picture and I’m still wondering why.

If Zuckerberg actually thinks people can watch and hear him, his laptop will first have to be hacked.

In such a case, hackers will also have access to sensitive company communications, financials, employee information, personal info ……… In other words, someone who has the ability to use his camera, also has the ability to look into much more damaging data.

🎥So do NOT tape your camera.

Some guys try to steal your cash by offering you useless tapes and stickers. Do NOT buy them. Instead, the real way to stay safe is

📱 Do not give contact information to whoever asks you.

🆓 Don’t use websites that gives you a paid version of anything (apps, e-book, movies…..)for free.

⤴Regularly update your OS and antivirus.

🔥 Use firewall while using the web.

🔐 Use complex passwords for your accounts and keep changing them frequently.

📶 Don’t use public WiFi.

🔐 Before submitting any sensitive information, make sure that website is trustworthy by looking out for the lock icon on the address bar.

But wait. You may use stickers to lessen the impact of a security breach of your device.