The story is not over yet.

One of the best things that sets Medium apart from other reading places is it’s unique replies feature.

Medium gives special attention to the replies. Every reply is a story in its own right. It can be made complete with titles and images. Replies have their own URL and appear on your followers’ time lines as a new story.

Medium users have used this feature to a great extent. The replies section is many a times buzzing with discussions and arguments. There are readers giving their own experiences, opinions, thoughts….

It’s really worth to make it a point to read replies after every story. Reading replies gives you a complete reading experience leaving you with deeper insight into what you have just read.

Please do not leave comments like ‘yay’ or ‘nice’. There’s no law that says not to do so, but I don’t think your followers will like to see a story that just says ‘cool’. To show that you loved it there’s the ♥.

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