How We Helped the Museo Egizio of Turin to Re-Think its Audio Guide Using Design Thinking and Paper Prototyping

The atmospheric Sarcophagi gallery
Peter Samis with the Egyptian Museum Director, Cristian Greco
The 5 phases of Design Thinking (from D-School)
Egyptian Museum staff observing visitors in the galleries
A short conversation in the gallery with museum visitors
A Museum staff member re-living the visitor experience with the audio guide
Clustering and prioritizing observations to better frame the problem.
The Brainstorming phase: putting ideas on post-its.
How a paper prototype works
Testing paper protoypes in the Museum
Working together on paper prototypes strengthens creativity and team bonds

InvisibleStudio - Human Centered Design Agency

Written by

InvisibleStudio co-founders, Stefania Boiano and Giuliano Gaia, have been working for 20 years in Cultural Innovation and Human Centered Design.

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