Homelessness is one of the biggest issues in the UK. According to Crisis, as of 2016 there are around “4,134 people sleeping rough on any one night across England…more than double the amount since 2010”. This statistic depicts the magnitude of the social issue that homelessness entails. ‘Invisible Voices of London’ is a social project that tells the stories, insights and dreams of people living on the streets of our city, through social media account: https://www.instagram.com/invisiblevoicesoflondon/

Invisible Voices: Our Project

When brainstorming our first ideas for the submission, we quickly decided that building a social media account/platform would be a lot more interesting to us than just creating a video. A big reason for this was also that we could slowly generate reach on social media and grow, as opposed to making a film or generally a “one-off-event” that might have a big impact on some people but will also fade soon if it doesn’t manage to go viral, which can never be guaranteed.

From left to right: the original picture, the original picture with a clear background, picture of the background video, the final draft.
Screenshot of the final piece.

Our Team’s Perception of the Problem

Throughout this journey, our perceptions of the subjects of social housing, homelessness and government involvement in the U.K. have changed dramatically.

A picture of our team! From left to right: Jan-Patrik, Alejandra and Jonas.

Our Future Plans

If we are lucky enough to inspire the Koreo Prize judges to believe in our project, we would use the funds in three ways: a token of kindness, donation and future work.

Together, we can be the megaphone of the invisible voices of London. https://www.instagram.com/invisiblevoicesoflondon/

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