What #ImpactMatters means to me ?

A few weeks ago I had the chance to take part in the first Salesforce Developers conference in Latin America, #PuntaDreamin. The event success was beyond our expectations, because not only the sessions were about the latest and hottest Salesforce technologies, but the people who delivered them were referents in our community who took the time out of their busy schedules to travel thousands of miles south to share their expertise with us. For that we are ever so grateful !

During the day we heard from Angela Mahoney about the OHANA community, Luciano Straga about Salesforce Connect Custom Apex Adapters, followed by Zayne Turner and Carlos Villalpando who shared with us Lightning Design Patterns and how to go about designing business solutions with Lightning. Before we broke up for lunch Nadim Diaz Ramsi told us about her efforts to get more women to work within the Salesforce ecosystem and why this is so important for the community, and Lyric Hartley from Salesforce presented the latest about Kafka in Heroku.

After lunch and a good cup of coffee, Rosario Gonzalez-Moron walked us through what SalesforceOrg brings to ONGs and Universities, and Adam Olshansky showed us how to write highly generalized code using dynamic Apex and the Tooling API. When you thought this cannot possible get better, Daniel Peter presented one of his creations: Hyperbatch, an hyper-fast batchable interface for Salesforce, and John Vogt from Salesforce did a great demo of the next developer experience with SFDX. Zachary Jeans was responsible for wrapping the conference up with #ImpactMatters.

Hang on !, #ImpactMatters ? Is this a new piece in Salesforce’s technology stack ? The short answers is simply: no. Here comes the longer one.

Zachary’s message was not about technology, but rather about how anyone can make a difference in this world. He told us the story of two kids: Rachel and Campbell who despite their young age did remarkable things who inspire all of us.

What this has to do with a Salesforce Developers conference ?

It has everything to do with a developers conference, and particularly with one related to Salesforce.

During a whole day which we were immersed in the bits and pieces of cutting edge technology Zachary’s message resembles the beacon of lighthouse guiding ships in the wide ocean. His message puts things into context. Yes, we are technologist, and we certainly have a lot of fun doing what we do, but Zachary’s message makes us stop and think about why we are doing it, and how we do it. Under this new light our technology efforts take a new dimension. It goes beyond technology for the sake of technological progress. It becomes technology at the service of our fellow brothers and sisters, guided by the same principles as Rachel and Campbell.

This is something that has been built-in the Salesforce ecosystem from day one, reflecting the spirit of its founders. This is why we borrowed the OHANA term to refer to our community. This is what #ImpactMaters means to me, and I suspect to all who attended #PuntaDreamin. This why all the great speakers took time off from they families and work, and travelled a long way to share their expertise with us. Because #ImpactMaters.

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