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Apr 10, 2019 · 2 min read

As the team works tirelessly to continue delivering on our roadmap and developing the platform, we now would like to get feedback from our community. In our last post we hinted that we were going to announce more about our “Q1 2019 Update — Beta Platform” Video and today is that day.

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We’d like to announce the creation of the Invox Community Club (ICC)! The ICC’s mission is to engage with the members and supporters of the Invox Finance community to get their feedback on the development of the platform and Invox Finance’s direction on the whole.

To start with we will ask ICC members to participate in a questionnaire on our beta platform video. In exchange for an ICC member’s engagement and feedback to help improve our platform we will be providing ICC members with Invox Tokens. ICC members will also have early access to the platform and new features for their feedback during the testing phase — a task which will also see members be provided with Invox Tokens for their work.

To be a part of the ICC you must meet the following 6 criteria:

  1. Maintain a wallet with at least 50,000 Invox Tokens throughout the membership;
  2. Have held at least 50,000 Invox Tokens over the last 3 months;**
  3. Be registered for our Newsletter;
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin;
  5. Be a part of one of our Telegram Channels (Supporters, Crowdsale, Announcements); and
  6. Complete at least one questionnaire.

**As a special offer, if you join the ICC in the month of April 2019 you will not required to comply with criteria 2 above. However you will be required to have and maintain 50,000 Invox Tokens in your balance to be a member.

The first ICC task will be a questionnaire to provide feedback on our Beta Platform video. Those that help us with this task will be receive 5,000 Invox tokens each!

As stated above, we are providing the opportunity for members to join without the 3 month holding period requirement for the month of April only!

So be sure to join the Invox Community Club by clicking here.

We’re looking forward to hearing from the inaugural ICC members, and to grow the club as we execute on our vision.

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