Multiversum Signs US$2 Mln Partnership With Invox Finance, Nem considered for Invox Finance Platform

Invox Finance
Aug 3, 2018 · 2 min read

We’re proud to announce that Multiversum and Invox Finance have signed a strategic investment partnership worth US$2 Million to foster synergies and combine the innovational power of both companies. This is yet another strategic partner for Invox Finance to aid in our global expansion through the use of Multiversum as a commercial and technical partner.

Multiversum is a relational blockchain and database which allows the creation of an advanced and organized data storage solution which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related one another. The Multiversum team has many years experience in complex data processing and system development from big corporate institutions like Oracle Corporation and KBC bank.

Additionally, Multiversum’s alliance with Hyperchain and partnership with NEM allows them to capture the strengths NEM decentralized ecosystem.

Multiversum’s CFO Alberto had this to say about the news,

“As a bank manager with over 20 years experience I’m absolutely thrilled with the solution Invox Finance has brought to solve the long running problem of trustability in Invoice Financing. As a member of Multiversum Team I’m equally thrilled of having the opportunity of doing our part to help this big step forward in short term business financing.”

Invox Finance’s COO Adam is also thrilled with the partnership stating that,

“Multiversum is positioning itself as the new standard for data storage and management through blockchain technology. The storage of data is important for any large organisation and is especially true for Invox Finance, as we will be managing a vast amount of invoices as we expand globally. We’re excited to bring the 500 million small businesses out there on to great platforms such as our own and the quality platforms with partner with such as Multiversum.”

Not only will Invox Finance be using Multiversum, and thus NEM’s technology for our database solution, we’re excited to also announce that Invox Finance is now exploring the use of NEM for its platform.

As Multiversum recently finished their crowdsale and raised over US$20million they have started the development of their platform to align their roadmap perfectly with Invox Finance’s goals.

Watch this space for more announcements!

Please note that investment amounts within this article are based on the value of the investments at the time they were received and that the value fluctuates (depending on market forces and liquidity) as the contributions have been made in different cryptocurrencies / tokens issued by our strategic partners.

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