Our webapps are built with Django

Django is the framework we chose for building web apps for many reasons, but mainly because it allows us to iterate and deliver the best solutions and results. In no particular order, here are some of them.


Django is time and crowd tested

Django Project has been around for 10 years, and over those 10 years had several releases, some of them, including new features. Django is often one of the first frameworks to respond to a new vulnerability and their team often alerts other frameworks of patches they should make. Django is open source and build and kept by developers who use it; this results in a community that’s always available when you have any questions.

Many packages available

Django community contributes with over 3000 useful packages and utilities. Django comes with many of the things you will need to build an app. If something is missing, it can be be extended with numerous ‘app’ plugins. This fully feature framework, let us focus on what’s unique and distinctive of each project.

Django has excellent documentation

Django has had great documentation from day 1 and it’s one of the best examples of open source documentation. Every single release of Django is supported by all the documentation and even code examples. And there’s also a Git repository where the code is available.

D.R.Y !

The core philosophy of django is DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself. Normalization is GOOD.

Every distinct concept and/or piece of data should live in one, and only one, place.

This means less hours to get it working, less code to break, and less to change when you need to pivot.

Django lets us SCALE

Django is great for small brand new projects, and is still great when the project needs to scale ! Django has components that are ready to go and also decoupled, so they can be replaced if new features or more specific solutions are needed. Django powers many of the Web’s most-used sites. Pintrest, Instagram, and Spotify are some of the biggest sites using it. Also Facebook uses Django for some utilities. Django came from blogging and publishing, so sites like The Washington Post use Django.

We develop software products for startups and big companies with “startup soul” . So drop us a line if you are looking to develop your new project !
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