Team Work Accomplishes Much

It was on the first day of the boot-camp-13 session that we were group into different teams. Each team was given a Learning Facilitator (LF) to guide us through the process of working on our challenges. Our team is very interesting as it is composed of four gentlemen Paul Kayongo, Samuel Kisitu, Albert Nuwagaba and Edgar T. Nyabongo and two ladies Miriah Kakande and I, Irene Nyakate.

First things first, as a team we chose our leader Albert Nuwagaba and we were given Frank odongkara as our LF. As a group of young and energetic people, we crafted a way of how we could work together and pull up one another so we immediately together with our LF decided to create a slack channel for the group named ‘PERFECTLY BALANCED’.

Only team work can accomplish this

I have worked with teams but this one was more interesting!. Every one in the group has something special about them. Kayongo paul is so swift and fast at everything he does, he is a jolly person who is free with everyone in the team. Albert Nuwagaba is a leader, he coordinates any meetings that we make for the group and makes sure everyone is aware of it. Mariah Kakande is so soft spoken and easily deals with everyone in the group. She doesn’t raise her voice but will help out someone who is stuck. Samuel Kisitu is very slow to speak but he listens to everyone. Edgar T Nyabongo is also an amazing person, he does not seem to get stressed by anything because his face is ever jolly. My LF Frank Odongkara I can say he is the best. He is the person who can review your code in a few minutes and give you feedback. He is always available when needed and he is willing to give a listening ear to the team members.

After interacting with my team I learnt a lot and was in position to work on my challenges. Surely it was very wise of the Andela team to divide us into groups because this helped us to closely collaborate and get to know more people personally. Just like no man can build a house so easily alone, thus no one can work on a mega project alone, team work is the way to go!

My team is the best I can say because we have strong team work and no one is hard to approach.

Thanks for reading about my team, please come back for more