Today I collected the Visa that will allow me to stay in Korea for six months. The process was ridiculously quick — they took only 4 days to process it and each time, I waited at the embassy for no longer than an hour.

Queue number 33 on the 3rd of March

Today I also finally decided on the handle for this blog. It’s actually In Yeouido Park, in case you were wondering how to separate the words. I like the way the word “Yeouido” seems to have too many vowels. I also wanted something that is significant to my decision to go to Korea.

Taken at a park some 40 min (by slow, roundabout walk) away from Yeouido, on the same day.

What’s so special about Yeouido to me? It’s a park by the Han river, and you can rent and ride bicycles there, even if it’s approaching winter and your face will freeze over from riding against the wind. So that’s what I did with one of the new friends I’d made in Korea. We raced down the pathway (I bought us fried chicken that night because I lost), we tried the standing swings and then saw the sun set behind the buildings in a huge big ball of flame.

This picture-perfect image isn’t the main reason I’m going there, but it’s partially what makes the country seem livable to me — that I can make great memories and meet people I can enjoy myself with, even when I’m alone. The other was reading Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch on the metro — this was my second day but I was so engrossed in my book that I stopped thinking about the fact that I was in a different country. Certainly the book did its wonders, but it’s nice to know that I can be comfortable enough in a place to forget my (many, sometimes irrational) anxieties.

What is my purpose of setting up this blog? For about 5 days each month, I get this insanely strong desire to write. I also figured that I haven’t really been reflecting as much as I should have on well, everything in my life. And because quitting my first job to head to Korea, to go into a completely new field is a pretty huge decision, I figured I wanted to record that process down somewhere.

So, as my tiny bio on the top of this page suggests, this blog mainly serves as a way for me to track my journey. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Why write publicly? Why not write in a private journal? Mostly because I have many bad habits that don’t get weeded out when I write for myself — I tend to write in stream of consciousness after a few entries, I don’t refine any of my thoughts and I start to whine after while, which makes it painful for my future self to read.

It’s getting late and work beckons (only 2 months left). Until next time!

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