Ain’t Easy Doing Daily Publishes

A couple of weeks back, I attempted to take some time every day to take a snapshot of the news that I read and write my thoughts about them.

While it was manageable at first, one of the first things that happened was that I ended up writing them later towards the night, and in order for me to still call it the day’s news, I tried to save the headlines given by my news source (Google News) sometime during the day.

The next thing that started happening was that I started falling asleep (in my chair) as I wrote the posts. I still gave it a good effort though, trying to finish up after I woke up.

However, it was inevitable that what I was doing was unsuited for my lifestyle.

I did enjoy writing these posts, and I do want to figure out what is the best way to do this while catering to my schedule. I’ll figure something out. I’m still reading the news, and lately, there’s a lot of news to discuss.

Meanwhile, I also have another blog that I occasionally update which records my hardware hobby works.

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