After the Fact: LETHs Write!

Fiat lux et Leth fuit

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eth mobile wallet is the first “light” wallet made with community needs in mind. Born as an internal support tool for experimentation on Ethereum platform, the idea of creating a fully mobile client capable of putting in the hands of developers a remote control for the blockchain was enlightening!

For the first time after years of usage internet and apps, the cybernauts could dream again to be the starting peer of their cyberworld thanks to blockchain and in particular Ethereum capabilities. Founded on three key principles, Ethereum provides the ability for users to manage access keys to a new interconnected and no middlemen world: shared storage, whispered messages and immutable transactions running upon a decentralized platform.

What else … except you and a mobile control!

Give users the power to manage assets, to freely communicate and to run code when lying on the sofa using a finger: that’s the challenge undertaken by Inzhoop.

The challenge has already been addressed…

Main features

Leth is a ready working prototype (MVP) available for download on inzhoop web site and web demo on leth.inzhoop.

  • Manage HD Ethereum Wallet
  • Manage Tokens ERC20
  • Chat using encrypted messages
  • Run external Dapps built for mobile
  • Manage secure storage

and more … server-less

to be continued…

In the next posts: our vision and explanation of the features

Inzhoop is an italian innovative startup. The founders, computer engineers and economists Ethereum addicted, are proposing a new social and economic paradigm of interaction through decentralized Blockchain technology.

#Blockchain #Ethereum addicted startup.

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