Issue and manage your own token in a pocket

An easy way to manage a custom ERC20 token on your smartphone

3 min readJun 13, 2017

The first killer application of Ethereum is the ability to create a custom token and all the ICOs running these days can only confirm how this prerequisite is going to be successful.

Many large startup teams are working hard on ambitious projects based around a token and the community is rewarding them by offering large amounts of ether.
But the most interesting aspect of decentralization is the possibility that every single peer can exploit the same potentialities as these big teams.

Many smart users, starting with the guides published on the Ethereum Foundation website, have been tempted by the experience of emitting their token, often using a simplified process from some platforms such as Token Factory.

Leth Mobile Wallet wants to complement this exciting experience by providing a simplified user interface and great features to manage their token from a mobile device.

Now let’s see how easy it is…

Custom Token on Leth


  • Token contract address deployed (Ropsten/Mainnet)*
  • Name of the owner*
  • One sentence abstract for token description
  • URL for custom logo image


How to

Add a custom token

First of all you need to run Inzhoop Leth mobile wallet :-) You could find information and download from Inzhoop web site.

Second step is setup your wallet on Leth. You could restore a wallet using a mnemonic 12 words or create a new one, encrypted with a strong password (min 8 chars, 1 number and 1 capital letter)

Create your wallet

Third step go to Tokens > add a cutom token (+), paste token address and click load

Paste address

Then fill token informations and click Add Token

Token definition

Obviously you could manage tokens on different network

(we suggest to start form testnet) and Leth could be setted to work on your preferred network. You could operate on Ropsten or Mainet choosing default node from Settings or adding you own geth node with these parameters:

— shh — rpcapi “web3,shh,eth”

— shh — rpcapi “web3,shh,eth” — testnet

Enjoy the token

Finally your token will list and you could choose it to check balance and manage from wallet tab.

Choose token

Easy, don’t you think ?