N26: How Banking by Design could be improved

Grab a chocolate bar, sit down and relax, because reading this will take a while.

Designed around your mobile lifestyle

Designed to keep up with you

Designed to improve as you use

After a few weeks of testing the app to the core and using it almost everyday I came across a few things, that were okay, but not great, so I started thinking how they could be improved. But let’s start, shall we?

The Navigation Bar

Old Navigation Bar
New Navigation Bar
  • get money
  • move money (this includes spending money)
  1. To see, who’s sent me money.



Dark Green for current selection
Light Green for unselected content

Cash Map


Card details

There’s no need for 2 different screens that show — more or less — the same information. If I lose my card, I want to lock it as quick as possible, so I put it directly on the top of the settings screen. There’s all the features you need:

  • Change your pin
  • Card number & expiration date
  • Share your IBAN via the share extension (Email, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.)

Colors & Icons

The bottom of the card is in the bank colors now and the log out button too. Previously it was red and only the stroke was highlighted, so it didn’t catch the eye of the user immediately. Given that red is already used for expenses and therefore isn’t the color, that makes the user the happiest, I’ve changed it to the brand’s turquoise to match the rest. The “General Settings” icon features a slightly different person to make it more appealing to people.


As I’ve said before, the app is basically really good, it makes banking feel comfortable and easy. But there were some things, that didn’t have the best experience in day to day usage. I believe my case study features some important points, that could be improved and I also believe, that I presented a few good ideas about how to fix these problems. Some were thought through more carefully than others and there surely are different, maybe better solutions, but I think, these would work for me and simplify at least my usage — I hope for you too.

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