Coworking, eating dog food and growth.

(This piece originally appeared on the official blog.)

When started we had a 1 page ‘site’, a web form and a handful of empty desks to share in Limassol.

But we had huge plans; to build a platform that enables businesses to grow efficiently from anywhere to everywhere.

We knew we’d need a tonne of awesome solutions to help us launch, run and grow the business globally. Luckily so many of the other businesses based within coworking spaces, have or will need the same set of solutions at some point along their journeys too.

This is exactly why (and how) unlocks bulk-buying prices for young businesses around the world. Each time one business needs a solution, prices are negotiated for the whole group, locking in the lower price to be grabbed on-demand by the rest of the network.

“What’s that got to do with dog food mate?”

Great question imaginary heckler!

The term ‘Eat Your Own Dog Food’ is believed to have originated back in the 1980s from within Microsoft, and is used to describe when a company uses it’s own products or services internally.

We’re keen believers of eating our own dog food; but also know that if we get this right, millions of business will be able to grab the right solutions through our platform one day.

Over the last few weeks we’ve brought all of on own suppliers into From the designers who crafted our logo; to the crew who filmed our new video; to the wordpress developers who strung together our MVP; they’re all included too and offering some great packages to other growing businesses across 130+ coworking spaces.

Growing into 2017

As we round off the 2016, our family of businesses who share buying-power now spans across 29 countries; connects 130+ coworking spaces; and is made up of over 10,000 inspiring people.

Moving forward though, our goal is make sure all our business purchases, from printing business cards to what 3rd party tech and services to implement, are sourced exclusively through either the included marketplace or the included concierge service. This in turn would add even more bulk-priced solutions into the marketplace for other young businesses to use.

By growing our global business using our platform, we’re in this with you, making sure we all keep getting great solutions at amazing prices.

If you’ve got a valuable solution you’d like to offer the 1000s of young businesses like ours all around the world, why not apply to become an vendor today? If you operate a coworking space, join to unlock savings via shared buying-power. And if you’re looking to build a global business, here’s 130+ workspaces who give you so much more than just desk space & wifi.