Heading to the Coworking Europe conference this November. Finally!

I get to learn from hundreds of passionate coworking space managers & operators, and I get to share my observations too.

The coworking ideology, sector and related business models continue to grow across the globe. With this growth, the challenges operators and managers of these spaces continue to evolve.

It’s therefore no surprise that so many passionate people congregate at the various conferences, unconferences and meetups that are becoming a staple part of the global workspace community.

The rapid growth of included.co seemed to always keep me in another country in some crucial meeting or other, far far away from the action. This seemed to happen each and every time.

But this year, after a bit of calendar shuffling, I’m delighted to finally be one of the attendees descending on Dublin between November 8th and 10th for the Coworking Europe conference.

During a series of chats with Jean-Yves, the idea was floated of giving a talk to share the observations I’ve gathered whilst helping over 200 coworking communities enriching their memberships.

I’ve humbly accepted, and am excited to share my insights on the “good, bad and lovely of building benefit programmes for coworking members”.

And to make it even sweeter, the organising team have offered a lovely discount to the operators and supporters of our partner communities.

Are you going? Where are you coming from? 
Let’s connect via twitter, personally or via @includedco