Here’s to South Africa’s digital entrepreneurs!

I lived in South Africa for my first 15 trips around the sun and it was there, years before migrating to Europe, that the entrepreneurial spark was lit within my soul.

When I left, I was still a young boy who’d fallen down the rabbit-hole of web development after convincing a handful of traditional businesses to let me build them 5-page ‘websites’ (in HTML in Notepad.exe).

Now, as a young-ish man impassioned with building the infrastructure that will allow anyone to more seamlessly build a business from anywhere to everywhere; I’m finally able to start doing amazing things with (and for) the entrepreneurs back ‘home’.

In early 2015, I made my first trip back since around 2002. A lot has changed in South Africa since I left, but there’s one thing that definitely has not… the passion of the country’s digital entrepreneurs who build great businesses, technology and solutions.

The trip kicked off a bunch of really interesting conversations. I got the chance to meet (or Skype) with some ultra-passionate folks from the South African tech and startup worlds. Amongst them were the people who are really pushing and promoting shared workspaces and coworking in a market that’s (both understandably and unfortunately) more security- and privacy-conscious.

I took the opportunity to learn first-hand about the challenges that face these spaces and their members. At we work with hubs like these to empower their members; and so we knew we had to build great relationships and partnerships before being able to support this dynamic market.

It’s upon this foundation, that today we proudly announce that the amazing CoworkingSA team are the official ambassadors for Southern Africa.

Together we will not only work to cut costs for shared workspaces and their members, but will also make it far easier for South African entrepreneurs and growing businesses to get discovered across our global network.

Our revenue share programme will also make shared workspaces more sustainable, allowing them to focus on looking after their communities, as oppose to worrying about sponsorships/advertisers and perks.

I believe that, together with our new partners on the ground, we’ll make it possible for any entrepreneurial South African to be able to grow a global business from anywhere in the country.

South African entrepreneurs, keep kicking butt, we’re here to help!

For more information, see the official announcement.

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