Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hack

Mar 31 · 1 min read

This proves that there is no guarantee that cryptocurrencies in exchanges are not hackable.

Report say that almost $19 million worth of EOS and XRP have been hacked. The exchange say that they have recovered $14 million worth of cryptocurrencies back. Even though some cryptocurrencies have been recovered, the coins are lost when it is transferred from exchange to private wallet.

This kind of hacks bring fear to investors and traders. There should be some kind of protection that makes people feel that they will not lose their cryptocurrencies.

INZURA brings solution to this problem. INZURA is an insurance platform where cryptocurrencies in exchange can be covered under insurance policy through premium provided in the platform. INZURA also provides claim benefit of 5 times the premium value.


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INZURA is the world’s first insurance token that is used to claim loss of cryptocurrencies. More updates to hit the market soon.

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