Marketing Scam Exposed | ICOSpeaks Founder and CEO Fraud

May 27 · 4 min read

ICOSpeaks claims to be crypto marketing site with nearly 400K user base in group and channel. They use their user base to promote crypto project and get paid for promotion. They have introduced IEO package where they clearly scam project stating they can raise certain amount of Ethereum through private fund raising and charge certain percentage in commission. The following are screenshot of package they introduced.

This is where they start their scam. Initially, they get pre-payment from project members and assure 300–400 ETH can be raised within set duration based on package. After the set duration, they say that fund has not been raised due to lack of promotion or whatever lie comes at that time. If asked why not marketing has been done, they say that marketing is not their work and project should take care of that. When asked why the pre-payment is made for, then they say it is for private funding pool and scam the project members.

They approached our project and started their scam work. We have paid 11.66 ETH for private fund raising. Here is the transaction hash address 0x7157ec6a025b24a66727a74fc61b6ba410ba8c3b5d8ca2e6fbc50d8eedf0d217. Even though the chat has been deleted by scammer, we have recorded all conversation and here you can find the video proof of conversation.

You can find details regarding payment and ETH address from above video. The main suspect in this scam is Chris, Founder of ICOSpeaks and CEO who is behind the scene and guiding Chris. Partner/advisor, Juan Pablo Fernández Agüero may be working behind screen and helping Chris and CEO too.

The following KYC document has been submitted through Chris stating that fund holder will buy through this account. This KYC was done before payment for verification.

The above document details are as follows;

NAME: Alexander Barinov



DOB: 16/08/1993

ADDRESS TRACED: 1) Romanivka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 07051 and 2) Amur Oblast, Russia



Following are the proof that Chris gave email address for KYC verification, however, this conversation can be found in above video;

Following are details collected with respect to IP and location of scammer with email address and phone number;

Email address:

Phone Number: +380.951267572

Country: Ukraine

Area spotted: Kiev

Network Provider: Volia

IP Tracked:

Following is the video proof of conversation after scamming;

When inquired about this scam to CEO who is in the name of traffic solution in telegram, he said he don’t know who is Chris and quickly removed all data from their official group and channel. We already had telegram post promotion, where traffic solution user confirmed that Chris is Founder of ICOSpeaks. Following is the proof that CEO of ICOSpeaks is directing us to contact Chris who is the Founder of ICOSpeaks;

Following are the evidence that Chris’s profile is removed from telegram group but forgot to delete evidence that Chris is the Founder and they have already posted his contact in the group as founder;

All these evidence clearly show that Chris is the Founder and traffic solution user is the CEO who is behind Chris and doing all scam work.

We have part by part video proof and screenshots of all conversation that will be released if necessary. Join your hands to fight against crypto scam and eradicate this scam company. We will file lawsuit against this company and their team members. Their group, channel, and website should be reported and banned worldwide.

We don’t want any other crypto projects affected by these scammers.

Help us stop this scam !


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