If I hear this phrase again, from, otherwise smart human beings, I am going to explode. Things happen with a cause yes, that is true, that is how to world works (cause — effect), you push the switcher and the light goes on, but you cannot explain things by imagining some sort of mysterious force (call it God or destiny or however) that always makes things right in the end, that no matter the gravity of a situation that situation should be seen as an unavoidable step in a sequence of larger events.

There is no pattern, no consistency, and there is no evidence that anything equals out over time.

Everything leads to something else of course, but sometimes bad things happen, and sometimes bad things happen to good people and the following events do not make it worth it in the end, sometimes it is just shit and the bad event could have been prevented if we or other people were smarter. But it’s hard admitting that, hard taking responsibility. It is easy and relieving to justify any kind of failure or bad event be just saying that “it all happens for a reason”.

It is easy and it is also stupid because it does not allow you to take the lesson you need to take from that event. Let’s say I run for a position in an organization and when I don’t get it instead of looking at where did I miscalculated, where do I need to improve, I just say “It all happens with a reason” and move on in my happy oblivion. If happy oblivion is what you want from life go on, please, live your life like there is some sort of bigger force, like you don’t have the final responsibility.

Things happen for a reason? Did Trump happen for a reason? Will the world be better with him president? Did Hitler happen for a reason? Do you honestly believe that? Bad shit happens every day and IT DOES NOT HAPPEN FOR A REASON, it happens because people are fucked up in the head sometimes, it happens because we don’t have an educational system who teaches children critical thinking and how to use logic daily.

So please please please stop saying that.

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