Mindfulness & Self Science

11th of March Mindfulness Cards Drawing

We started our class with a very efficient calming and focusing game using a tibetan bell, The Fading Tone, when ringed the children were asked to listen to the sound till it fades completely and then raise their hand. Fading Tone is a terrific game to play sitting around the kitchen table too, you will be surprised how children hear the sound stopping at different times. It is nothing wrong with their hearing of course, just their focus. This game we will use very often and vary a lot to make it even more fun!

Next, everyone was eager to draw their special messages cards, mindful messages to bring mindfulness in our every day life, a moment of stillness. Children were asked to read the message, we talked about its meaning, and inspired by the message they drew on the cards. They signed their names on the cards & will be available to be picked up in our next session ( we turned them into more lasting by plastify them).

Colorful Mindful Cards

For our next session we will include some yoga time, was very happyto hear all of them were already familiar and love yoga, so in the next sessions we will also film a short kids yoga video, just so we get to combine the Film & Television skills with mindfulness & yoga. How exciting!